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Hey guys,

Took the day off to celebrate my turning 23 today, and hit St. Mary's Lake this morning. Nailed a crappie and a nice yellow perch on the first two casts:

Once I finally found the right two trees to cast between in the cove I was fishing, it was pretty much every cast for over 2 hours. Ended up catching 15 Largemouths from 10 inches to this 15 incher:

Also caught 10 crappie, 5 yellow perch and too many bluegills to count. Here's a pic of the ones i brought home for the table:

All fish caught on minnows or small pieces of nightcrawler, except the largest bass, which was caught while fishing a crawfish under a bobber.

What a great day to be fishin'!

Matt (VTFish)
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