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Back in Hawaii for a few weeks on business, lucky enough to have a weather window on a weekend. Met up with my cousin Jared at his shop on Oahu with Doug and Bob rounding out the rest of the crew. Took the boat down to Keehi boat ramp and launched early in the morning, headed to HH buoy (always good to us), about 16 miles off Pearl Harbor. Water was very nice and only one other boat around the buoy. Sun came up and bird activity started, then knock bown, a small aku (skipjack tuna) reset the lines we get a double ahi strike, 20 pounders. Reset lines and get another double ahi strike, 50 and 70 pounds, put Doug on the 70 pounder. Trolled a little while longer and picked up another 40 and 2 more around 20. We did catch one small ono (wahoo), the only problem it hit the 130, lifeless when we got it to the boat.
Back in time to watch the Superbowl!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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