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I have been lurking on this site for quite some time and I have to say that I have learned an enormous amount from you all. This is the best site out there.

I have been fishing on the bay w/charters and from the shoreline for the past 5 years and have finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a boat. The main use of the boat will be fishing/crabbing but I do need the ability to pull a tube and to accomidate the family (4 total) and the occasoinal guests.

I have looked into DC's but they tend to run around 19-21'. I am leaning more towards a CC (we do not want a WA b/c we would be loosing above deck space). I am wondering what would be good size boat for the bay chop?

I was thinking of a 22-24' CC ? Am I on track?

Also what are some recomendations for a family accomidating CC? I was looking at Polar, Century, Robalo and a couple of others. They seem to have comfortable arrangements and still maintain their fishability.

If you guys have any recomendations it would be great.


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