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[Q]college fund originally wrote:
Have a friend who has 115 Johson on a Wellcraft CC that keeps draining the battery dead while sitting. Says he put new battery, put ampmeter in line and found no load. Any suggestions?[excited]
I think the key here is that you stated "Says he put a new battery in it." If you have properly installed the ammeter in line with the battery lead and it is not showing any current draw, then I would suspect a sulfated cell in the battery.

An ammeter will show a small current drain (thousandths of amps or milliamps); you just need to have one that will read it correctly. AC voltage source or DC voltage source it doesn't matter; ammeters still work.

Make sure you have the meter hooked up correctly. It must be in line with the battery lead and it doesn't matter if it is in the positive or negative lead as long as you have the meter in the circuit correctly (correct polarity on the meter leads). If you're not sure then find a person who knows how to do it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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