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My buddy bought me two Shakespeare BigWater Rods model # BTW 56 SURR for Xmas and now I need to find two good (yet affordable) reels to mount on them. The rods are really heavy and have 50-130lb recommended line size stamped on the side. I'm thinking I could go with two TLD 30II's or maybe 50II's but I really don't have much experience with tackle this size so hopefully you guys can help me out.

I can get the 50II's for $320.00 a piece so if possible I would like to keep the price around $350.00 per reel.

What would you guys recommend?



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I don't know what you're fishing for but my vote is for Shimano. I have 600 & 700 model Tekotas and love them. I mostly use them for Rockfish, Blues, Spanish (trolling) even took them offshore once. The 600 runs $169 and the 700 just moved up from $179 to $199.
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