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:helpsmilie::helpsmilie:My friend used to make it in the oven...Does anyone know how this is done ?
All I remember it was hung from the oven rack with toothpics and the door was slightly open.
Cant recall the temp or how long or even the marinade

Please help . :helpsmilie::helpsmilie::helpsmilie:

Smokedog :cool2:

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Tried and True Jerky !

This has won the hearts of many. (Just ask the guys at the wharf on Maine Ave in DC. I've been able to trade it for consideration on seafood and I think Clarence might even give up some other,more personal favors if I ask nicely!)

-4tsp (caps) Liquid Smoke
-4tsp garlic powder
-4tsp coarse black pepper
-2oz honey
-2oz Lea & Perrins
-4oz Soy Sauce
-1/2c Lawrys seasoned salt

~15 to 20# very lean deer meat, cut ~1/4" thick X as long as you can make it (cut with the grain!)
-marinate overnight, turning several times (This is important as jerky is a salt/dry cure,you want the salt thoroughly through the meat! Usually I'll cut it up one night and put it in the fridge and dry it the next night)
-place perpendicular on racks at top of oven (touching is OK, it will shrink)
-dry in very low oven overnight with the door slightly propped open until thoroughly dry
-keep in an open container or freeze
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