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Here We Go! Maryland's most popular fishery. The 2015 Trophy season opens this Saturday, April 18.

The MSSA would like to wish everyone good luck and safe travels. Make sure your vessel is equipped with all the mandatory safety gear.

Don't forget about the new conservation regs regarding striped:
1 fish per person 28"-36" or 40" and over
(If you haven't heard we are not doing our job)

If you troll, light tackle, catch and eat, or catch and release; let's all enjoy our rights as anglers and spending time with friends and family.

As a mission, let's all try and take one extra fishing trip this season. I think we've earned it!

Good luck and keep on fishing!

Post your opening day pictures here...we may just give out some prizes for the best pictures!

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One other idea - perhaps take a young angler / their parent (s ) out. Many do not have the means to enjoy the bay we so take for granted.

A 30 incher to us might not raise an eyebrow but to a young angler - it will be a true " monster ".

As much as I enjoy fishing / catching - seeing new anglers get excited brings more enjoyment to me nowadays.

FWIW: New release citation from Gov. Hogan announced - any Rockfish over 40 inches. Different from Md DNR release citation.

Great idea - IMHO.
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