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In southern Louisiana where I was raised a black did not live outside the city limits of Goosport, a suburb of Lake Charles. A concentration camp.
Blacks had a seperate water fountain, a seperate rest room, sat at the back of bus and in the balcony of the movie theatre. He could not eat at "white" cafe's nor sleep at "white" hotels.
Jobs available consisted of maid, yardman, waiter, trash collector and street cleaner.
There were about 52 lynching of blacks in the USA annually...about one weekly.
Blacks said yassuh and nossuh to me as a child.
We read of children killed for smiling at a white woman.
In Jackson MS I saw white men standing near the voting places with shotguns to make sure no black voted.
Two of best friends, now deceased, are smililing. Both educated and successful. One, a architect had to work from home and have his work signed by a white man as no whites would have their home designed by a black.
The USA has grown up and the history books will fill with the details of this historic election.
I'm proud of the USA.
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