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Looking to Fish Friday 10 AM til ???
Sat. From Light til???
and Sun. ( weather permiting ) Light til 2 PM
Needed, at least 2 Ho's per Day

I'll be leaving out of Sun Set Boat Center each Day, 20' Trophy W/A fully geared.

Will be heading out to Cape Henry area, down to Dam neck, looking for signs.

Leave Message or call 814-330-6850

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Christmas Weekend Fishing


Friday-Glad to see the boat is full. My lovely bride says I have to stay home with her.

Saturday-I've had plans to fish on Friday's Off with Scott Gillespie. Call me on the cell phone and we can network! 804 627 1575

Thanks for the invite. Hopefully you, Matt & I can fish together soon.

Merry Christmas & Tight Lines,
Weekend Mistress

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I'm pulling out of PA at 11PM tonight, can still use 1 more Ho for Saturday. Sunday is still open.
Please contact me on my cell 814-330-6850,

Thank you,
I'd love another trip Pete, but won't be back from NJ until late Sunday. And the following Wednesday I'm supposed to be going to NC to visit with Mom and sister. My suggestion that we travel down on Friday so I could fish January 1st was not received warmly by the X chromosomes.
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