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Where do I attach a safety line for my rod/reel when I'm trolling. I see guys do this,, is it really nessecary,,,. I bought my first pair of rod exstenders at the VA. Boat show... should I use a safety line for my rod/reel when I'm trolling? If so How Do I Attach it and how long should it be??? I have no idea???:boat::cool:
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I use a Scotty #590 snap hook, and parachute cord to secure my rods to the t top rod holders.
The clips attach to the reel lugs, cross bars, or around the rod to secure it.


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Tie the other end of the line to gimbal pin in the rod holder. The scotty clips will not mar flex coat on the rod, or leave dings on the reels.
Best of all the scotty clips are only about $1 each.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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