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How to Avoid the Nets?

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Already lost 2 umbrellas around Parkers to what was probably submerged nets, now it sounds like you have to watch out around Gas D and Solomans. Is there anyway to know where they are? Are most of them marked? What depths do they set them in? May be a good idea to use oldest tackle.
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The nets guys got gear hung on were underwater with no floats - no real way to avoid them since you can not see them.Most likely these nets are illegally set - one reason for them being out of sight.The guys are poaching Rockfish.

Legal nets set by watermen are well marked and by law the netter must be within 2 miles of it.Some netters will drop two nets and work between them.They will run over and wave you off their nets- way too much money for them to risk you hitting it.

Best thing to do if you snag is to record the GPS #'s and call DNR or Coast Guard.You can make up a cheap snag hook from rebar and old 1/2'' rope and try to bring the net up to retrieve your gear.Be careful if it is rough out though.Put a milk jug on the old line so others can avoid it and DNR can find it easily.
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