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Method 1 for Posting Pictures
All users have the ability to have photo albums. Subscribers have more storage.
Goto "My Profile" Link in the upper right of all pages.
On your profile page look in the left hand column under "Albums"
From there you can create albums and upload pictures.
Once a picture is uploaded there are two boxes under it
Box 1 is the picture URL. This is the address to the image.
Box 2 is the "BB Code" this is what you cut and paste into your messages to have the photo show up.

This is an example of pasting BB Code of a picture that is located in my album into this message

Below is another example of one of my pictures that is in my fishing picture albums which I cut and paste the bb code to have show up in this message

All I did was cut and paste the BB Code that is listed under the picture. When I do this the pictures come up the size that they are in my album. Also, if you want to attach them again in the future they are in your album so all you have to do is grab the code and use at another time.

Method 2 for Posting Pictures
First you need to be in advanced submit or reply to thread mode.
Then type your message in the text box
Scroll down to Attachments under "Additional Options" and click "Click here to Upload Pictures"
Follow the prompts to upload your photos (this will happen in a new window so make sure any ad blocking software you have on is turned off because sometimes that software will think the pop up is an ad when it is the controls to upload your photo)
Once uploaded select the ones you want in your thread by dragging from the upper uploaded portion to the line below where it says attachments. Check the box in the lower right hand corner.
Hit "Insert Inline" Code will pop in that spot which is your photo.
Hit "Preview" post and you will see it. You can move your picture around by moving the code or if you go back in and edit it to move the actual photo.
When the photo posts it will come up as a thumnail, but when someone clicks on it it will pop up a window to full size.
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