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This has come up alot in the last few days so I figured I would post how to rig them...

Start with the following materials
1-Teaser Tail, Snelled 5/0 Gamagatsu Circle hook, 30"-28" of 30# leader, Crimping tool, 2 crimps, 4 beads, 2" of 135# Surfstrand Camo cable, Holographic Spinner, Treble hook with feathers ( These are Gamagatsu #2), #4 Folded Clevis

Next...Crimp your cable to the circle hook and treble hook stinger. Cut off one barb that is closest to the shank of the circle hook

Now Slide your Teaser Tail over the leader and down to the hooks

Add 3 beads, folded clevis and spinner and the last bead...tie on a barrel swivel and you are ready to go. You can add a sliding sinker rig or a fish finder rig...Hope this answers a few questions..Good Luck and Tight Lines Chris

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