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If this has already been posted here, I apologize, but I know this was very contentious when the original incident with the day care center happened.

This is the only article that I have seen on this but all in all it looks like a mild victory on the pro hunting side of things.

Here is an article with a summary of the HO Cty chnages.

Howard County legislators voted last night to pass an amended version of a hunting restriction bill into law. As with all compromise that happens with legislation of this type, everyone got something but no one got everything. The big winner in this was the non-hunting public who may have learned something from the debate. The blogs, opinion letters and talk shows brought out some good points that many non-hunters were unaware of. The two biggest surprises non-hunting friends had were the safety record of hunters in this state and the range of muzzleloading rifles and shotguns that shoot slugs.

The fact that hunting accidents in Maryland rarely require the removal of socks to count is a credit to hunters as a group and the effectiveness of Maryland's hunters safety program. Statistically, hunting accidents are difficult to trend now because the numbers are so low. Will there be accidents in the future? Absolutely, there are accidents with any activity, especially with any activity in the outdoors. However, it is still far safer to hunt than it is to do almost anything else in the outdoors. It is nearly impossible to outlaw an unsafe act before the fact. It is however possible to write legislation that counteracts an unsafe condition. A person hunting responsibly is not an unsafe condition and that is the conclusion I believe the County Council reached.

I found that people not familiar with guns were surprised that bullets from these supposed "short-range" weapons could travel so far. The "short" of "short-range" is a relative term that denotes a practical use, not a safe distance. I was not trying to create ballistics experts out of everyone that asked me (I am not one myself) but I did get questioned occasionally on why the state has a restriction on rifles at all. Given the physics, I do not have a science-based answer for why there are shotgun only counties.

What stayed, what went and what was added.

Retained: The wording "Safety Zone", pet peeve, I think this wording is misleading.

Retained: No shooting within 100 yards of a public road.

Retained: Not shooting within 150 yards of a facility (see definition in bill) without prior written permission.

Retained: Hunting only on parcels ten acres or more in the Metropolitan District

Deleted: Hunting only on parcels ten acres or more outside the Metropolitan District.

Deleted: References to "maximum range" of a firearm.

Deleted: 300 yard "safety zone" for hunting from the ground.

Added: Language that requires a safe backstop behind intended target.

Added: Provision for civil penalty for damages in addition to any other penalty applicable under current law.
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