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Last night was off the hiz-ook!
Got to the ramp @9ish, radio chatter says that 3 other tkaa members out there and fish are there but no love...yet...paddled out, tide started rippin about the time we got to the island.....then it happened...fish turned on like a switch, 24-26-30-30"+++ fish moved into the lights like school kids after final bell. My biggest landed was 31", There were fish there in the 40"s, but I broke off my shock leader so many times at the boat that I tied my 14 pound fireline right to the biggest storm i could find, and finally had a chance against some brutes...still unable to suceesfully pull one up into the yak. (if you have stock in storms...i made you some money last night) Ric landed a MONSTER 34"...weighed in at 19 pounds! The rest of the night was filled with 30" as many as my tired little arms and raw thumbs can count. Finally drifted back to the launch just before 3AM....fish still biting.

Truely the best i have EVER seen at HRBT....the fish are there, the weather is there....GO GET EM!

p.s. this time we got witnesses, and PICTURES!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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