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Calvin and I got on the water about 6:30. Dave and another yakker were there in their matching T-14's and got out right before the Capers.

Pretty soon after we got out there was a decent flounder bite. I got a 17" and 18" flounder on minnows and a couple shorts. Calvin got one at about 17" using jigs. We each had a bigger one break off. We got a few croaker too.

When the sun went down it was on as usual. We had to go through about 20 bluefish to get a striper and alot of those were undersized. We had to work to get 2 keepers but each went home with an 18" and 20" striper.

Those blues are some mean suckers. I got my line cut by one above the leader! Calvin had one bite a hole in his waders. He was keeping some for a dude at work and when we got back he had bluefish yak all over his yak and a crate full of choppers.

Can't wait to get back. It sure would be nice to get some trout but that may not happen this spring. I have regained a little confidence in my flounder catching ability so I'll be back after them for sure.
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