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Launched around 6:30 am. Was overtaken by another yaker, Allan who was down from Richmond; passed me like I was drifting backwards as he peddled by on his Hobie. Not many fishermen out at that hour. Tried drifting in the area of the curve. One small croaker and one small flounder. Paddled out toward the island. Hooked one striper - schoolie - enroute. Not much happening out there so started slowly back. Found some flatties about a third of the way back while working the drift between the two bridge spans. The action picked up as the tide slowed and changed. Ended up with well over a dozen total. Brought 4 keepers home and lost two more, actually my first two keepers when they yanked the stringer out of my hand as I was starting to secure it. Bad language was heard by everyone within a quarter mile. Luckly I had a spare stringer. As I paddled back, I noticed a lot more boats, mostly closer in. Not too many to be overcrowded.
Nice meeting you, Allan. Hope to see you out on the water again when you get down this way. Let me know and I'll pick you up some minnows on the way to the launch.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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