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$1999 Shipped! These come with a full 2 year warranty. These will be in stock 3/25. Order yours now. Limited amount coming in.


Remanufactured NSS12 evo2 Chartplotter / Multifunction display

The NSS12 evo2 is engineered for performance, functionality and flexible control. Its TouchSensible™ interface provides multi-touch interaction for ease of use when cruising, as well as a keypad and a rotary push-to-enter knob for quick and effective use on those days when waves and boat movement make it hard to use a touch-screen accurately. The NSS12 evo2's 16:9 widescreen display features a tablet-style home screen with pre-set navigation panels and programmable favorites for concise display of information, and easily identifiable touchscreen function keys. The screen's background can be customized with a picture of a boat, crew, fish, destination and more.

The NSS12 evo2 incorporates technology designed for blue water anglers and cruisers and provides a wealth of expansion options for boaters to get the most from their excursions. SonarHub is integrated in the NSS12 evo2 and combines award-winning StructureScan™ Sonar, Broadband Sounder and CHIRP technology to give anglers the ability to view fish and structure in both 3D imaging and high-definition sonar. The NSS12 evo2 also provides full autopilot integration for control from its TouchSensible display; and the embedded high-gain 10 Hz GPS antenna provides precise location information.

The Simrad GoFree WiFi option allows viewing and control of the NSS screen from a compatible tablet as well as viewing from a compatible phone. The system's networking capability allows the addition of extra screens, display of engine and the ability to control an iPhone music playlist via the navigation screen. NSS12 evo2 integration can be extended for complete vessel control with digital switching, night-vision camera control (FLIR™) or HDMI video output to a TV in the salon. Cartography compatibility includes Insight, C-Map MAX-N and Navionics.

Engineered for form and function, the NSS12 evo2 enhances the helm of any vessel. Its flush-mount design provides a professional, low profile look that is complemented by classic black or brushed silver trim panels ? both included with every system.

The NSS evo2 combines form, fit and function in an easy-to-use multifunction device. The integrated NSS evo2 MFD features a sleek display with TouchSensible™ multi-touch interaction. TouchSensible, provides precision interaction in any sea condition with its logical keypad input and rotary, push-to-enter knob. With its widescreen 16:9 display, integrated StructureScan™ and Broadband sonar, and expandability the NSS evo2 is well suited for center consoles, sportfishing and power cruising boats.
Key Features •TouchSensible™ interface with multi-touch control and rotary dial with keypad
•Embedded, hi-gain 10Hz GPS/GLONASS antenna
•16:9 display with pre-set and customizable navigation panels
•Flush-mount installation and classic black and brushed silver trim panels
•Embedded CHIRP enabled Broadband sounder and StructureScan Sonar
•Complete vessel integration
•Best in Class Performance: ◦Fast Processor
◦Bright Screen
◦Easy to Use

•Intelligent Engineering: ◦Low Profile (~8mm) front mount option
◦Glass-Bridge look for any vessel
◦GPS works in flush mount installations* (*on MOST non-metal boats).
◦HDMI Video Output

•Full autopilot integration capability
•Simrad GoFree WiFi integration capability
•Networking capability

Display Size 12.1? (307mm) Widescreen
GPS Antenna 10Hz High Gain built-in GPS
Backlighting Levels LED / 1200 nits
Display Resolution [pixels x pixels] 1280 x 800
Display Type WVGA Color TFT LCD
Operating Temperature -15-degrees C to 55-degrees C (5-degrees F to 131-degrees F)
Waterproof Standard/rating IPx7
Product Width 13.58" / 345mm
Product Depth 4.13? / 105mm
Product Height 8.46" / 215mm
Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 9-32V DC
Languages 31
Other Features Waypoint Storage: 10,000 points total combined waypoints / route points


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