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Ready for a change over the club I've been a member of for the last few years. I'm a member of a club in the south central part of the state, and have been for 20+ years, but it is family and I only hunt with them during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm looking for something within an hour, hour 15 minutes or so from Hampton. I'm also a member of a club in Surry, but its not the right club.

I like to bow, black powder and hunt with hounds. I appreciate a good hound. I've been around them for 20+ years, taken part in field trials, and know how much hard work goes in to keeping them and getting the particular breed right. I own a dog box, but don't own hounds. Happy to help track at the end of the day.

Physically capable, very respectable of land owner rights (No driving down wet roads), and enough free time to make myself helpful outside of what most folks have. Very lucky.

I'm interested in clubs that have grasped the concept of letting the younger bucks grow.

I'm especially interested in clubs that look to give back to the local community by any means.

If I sound like someone who would make a good addition to your club please shoot me a PM. I'd join you for a day as a guest, or if there isn't enough time be glad to meet with you and some of your members after the season.

Thanks ahead of time
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