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for those that dont know what a bug is, its a rock lobster/langostine lobster. out in socal you use hoop nets to get em much like your pier nets. well i got this email from my buddy kevin out of huntingbeach, all it was was this pick

Food Arthropod Insect Ingredient Decapoda

so needless to say i very calmly called him and he told me the story:

he was hooping at a place called the wall its a man made "wall" protecting the harbor, it is full of lobsters and fish, after spending some time there, they moved about a mile south to hit a reef, they dropped one net and fished for halibut and white sea bass, after about an hour they pulled the net to find this monster in the net. joe the man that pulled it in posted the rest on bloodydecks and in his words are better then mine at this point:

We arrived home around midnight and I cleaned the boat and left the monster bug in the boat tank for the night. I expected to have the bug for dinner but after talking to Behdad at PE I decided I would get the bug weighed. So I brought the bug to the HH fuel dock and met Scott with the IGFA scale and it came out at 18 pounds. I called DFG and talked to Glen Underwood (Great Guy) and he told me that this is the biggest bug on record but due to the method of catch it was disqualified.
So I called the Aquarium of the Pacific and spoke to a Biologist and she was very happy to take the bug to attempt to put it on display for all to see. So I took the bug still in the bait tank to the marina just outside the aquarium and was met by several biologists who took the bug away like a team of emergency room doctors on a mission to save a life.

very cool and congrats to joe on the amazing bug here are a few more pics.

Food Arthropod Insect Ingredient Decapoda

joe and the bug
Food Arthropod Seafood Cap Baseball cap

the way in
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the rescue
Water Sky Daytime Boat Watercraft

Sky Boat Daytime Watercraft Naval architecture

the rescueers:D
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