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doh I almost forgot how OUTSTANDING it is to smell the first batch of MARYLAND steamed crabs cooking outside and how great PAX crabs can be to eat! :thumbup: It's been a while for most folks.

Backing up a step or two... I took a busman's holiday from work today primarily because I needed some "me" time on the water - crabs or no crabs. Only two other boats out today where I crabbed - fairly strong southeasterly winds which made me change location plans. Crabbed from about 6:30 until 10:30 and picked at 'em until I had almost 2 bu of mixed males - mostly 2's but they were beauties!:yes:.

Sold one basket and kept the rest - almost every crab was showing signs of becoming a peeler - hard and fat. I caught 2 doublers and only 1 crab that had recently shed. As far as I'm concerned these are the best that crabs can be. At least now I can provide a first hand catching report to my customers and friends.

Extremely high tides today and RAZOR CLAMS were the ticket. Used 1800' of line - I have a new puller on order so I had to pull by hand - the wind and tide helped with that job. I believe the first major shed is about to start but there are crabs for the taking. Even with chancy weather this weekend overcast skies could help running a line - winds don't look too bad. Most crabs caught were in 5-8' of water. Good luck!


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