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Thursday had a ton of ho's wanting to go for the weekend
They all backed out Friday night
Forgot to turn the alarm off for Saturday morning, so what the heck
went by myself.

Fished Blue fish rock, Back River reef, Baltimore channel off the 3rd island, 3rd island all the way out to Cape Charles.
1 flounder and about 100 croaker to show for my troubles.

Anyway, learned a valuable lesson.
You cannot Cobia fish solo!
Figured all those croaker were not worth cleaning
So I anchored up at the high rise, bated up 2 poles, and started cuttin the rest up for chum

Bout 30 or so minutes, had a 38 incher, released it
freezer is full
nother hour goes by, still chunkin craoker
hooked what appeared to be a citation, will never know

1st time at the side of the boat, tried pole in one hand, bat in the other
missed & she ran
2nd time, leaned the pole against the side boat
holding with my knee
connected with the bat, but she ran agiain
busted my dang ugly stick in half, which of course
tangled in the line and SNAP !

To the boat anchored next to me
Hope y'all had a good show
Y'all hooped n hollered enough
I know I had a good time
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