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Departed Rudee at 0930 hrs and went North, stopped at green can and 4A
no birds or bait. Put the pedal to the metal and ran 31 miles North off of Ship
Shoals, Gannets diving everywhere, sounder lit up with marks and Rockfish
flopping on the surface. I was right on the three mile line, I caught 7 rockfish
in 45 minutes. Kept a 30 and 34", no monsters but a lot of fun. There was
an even bigger cloud of birds offshore of me. Made it back to Rudee in 45
minutes at 45 mph, total round trip 62 miles and burned 14.8 gals. Could
not resist todays forcast and I am glad I went. I was dragging a stretch
Imitator and a mojo/ tomic on a three way, all caught fish. Back at 1300.

1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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