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This is just a story of how my son killed his first deer. Grayson's birthday was Nov. 3rd so the wife and I bought him a new USA Knight and all the goodies to go with it. I picked him up Fri. night and we put the scope on; man was he happy. I had to work Sat. so when I got home at lunch, my two boys were ready to go sight it in. We went to a friends house and 8 shots later he was ready for whitetail's.

I put him in my stand overlooking a fescue field, at 3:20 and I went home to pick up my 5yr old Will and put on my camos. We got back and did a little scouting in a near by field for a while, then decided to go take a stand on a dirt pile overlooking another fescue field. Here we are sneaking out to this dirt pile, and Grayson's smokepole goes off @ 5:00. I thought I heard him say "yea" about 10 seconds after the shot, but Will and I weren't sure. We decided to drive over and sit till dark because it was so early. After about 15 min. he started whistleing for us.

We drove to the stand and he was saying "I got meat, I got meat". I helped him down and he and his brother went over to check out his kill. We loaded his nice 7 pointer and went to the checking station. At this point I don"t know who was happier me or him!

Now the story; He said he watched him for 20 min. but couldn't get a shot, finally he walked under the stand and started licking one of the scent wicks we put out. One had estrus the other had buck nip scent. Both had been in the same bag, so it was a mix of the two. He said when he offered a broad side shot at 25yrd he shot. The deer ran 40yrd and did a back flip. He was still in the field so he had to sit there and hold back the [excited]

Now it's my turn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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