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Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that I bought the Creek Bank Bait Spa from Core Fishing Tackle and I am pleased. Maybe because I know so little, but my first purchase of shiners at Buggs Island bait shop three days ago leaves the shiners still frisky in my 5 gallon bucket. Fished with 'em on Wed and Thur, but . . .

Tried the buck tail with trolling with the down rigger, but the motor wouldn't cooperate. That's after I changed the plugs and found a leak in the filter inside the engine. The squeeze bulb still collapses during run and it must be either the new filter I installed or the anti siphon valve is stuck closed. The manual calls for .030 gap and the plugs were at least .050. Maybe a late recommendation for the Evinrude 130. Supposed to rain on Friday, so I'll try to do some of the needed motor fuel line changes and get the anti-siphon valve out and be sure it's working OK.

Ha, ha, a smart guy would haul the motor to a shop and . . .

Rather than risk being stranded out on the lake, we opted to motor back to the dock. Then, what is the procedure if I get stuck and can't get the motor started again? I got channel 68 and 72 for some local help, will anyone respond?

Well, every outing with the boat and my daughter is a new experience and we learn more and more. Maybe never learn to catch fish. A couple of gents launching at Occaneechee #2 said one caught a 29 inch striper off Bluestone. Didn' understand why they moved location. Maybe just my doubting nature.

The short time on the lake today was really pleasant even though the threat of high wind never materialized. Much more pleasant than Wednesday. A great enjoyment even though no fish were sighted or caught.

Regards, Joy T Brew
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