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When the howling nut case and new chairman of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean, said he hated everything that Republicans stand for, you had to wonder if he has the conceptual IQ to understand what Republicans stand for. In fact, Republicans have always stood for basic American values and to this day still lay obvious claim to that preoccupation, while Democrats owe their lineage, quite frankly, to a plain goofy combination of George III and Karl Marx.

Here is the history: in 1792 a schism in American politics became apparent despite George Washington's best efforts to cover it up. The term "republican" was first used by James Madison in 1792, and shortly thereafter by Thomas Jefferson to describe those who wanted our country to be a republic with a very small government, as opposed to those, led by Alexander Hamilton, who seemed to want an ever more powerful central gov't. The forces of Hamilton were called Federalists, Nationalists, Royalists, or Monarchists. These forces were perhaps best symbolized by John Adam who rode around in a royal coach very reminiscent of those used by the British monarchy. Indeed, many feared Federalists had supported a revolution against England merely to establish and lead their own new monarchy in America. But, by 1800 the Federalists were thoroughly defeated by the Republicans, and Thomas Jefferson became President. During his inaugural address he perfectly defined the terminology of the day when he said, in a conciliatory moment, "we are all Federalists, we are all Republicans."

Interestingly, when the Constitution was being written there were the Federalists who supported a much stronger central gov't than provided for by the Articles of Confederation and the Anti-Federalists who also supported a stronger central gov't but had deeply held fears that a stronger central gov't would ultimately become the monster leviathan the Revolution had been fought to drive from American shores. In the end, the Constitution was ratified and the Anti-Federalists were technically vanquished. But, almost immediately thereafter, Hamilton's program, as elucidated during his tenure as Washington's first Secretary of State, shocked Federalists and Anti-Federalists alike. They then united to form the Republican Party which from 1800 to today (with minor name variations) dominated American politics on the basis of its appeal to freedom from gov't. In fact, most of the competition between the Parties during the 1800-1932 period was about which Party could be more anit-gov't Republican. Indeed, all of American history has been about little more than the centuries old titantic battle between freedom and gov't.

In 1932 the modern Democratic Party of Howard Dean emerged, and to this day is a silly combination of Federalist, and its modern cousin: Socialist. Their brief but incredible record includes the Depression and WW2, a war on poverty that actually destroyed poor families and sent poor men to jail, and the current $11.2 trillion Social Security debacle.

When an American like Howard Dean says he hates Republicans he is really saying he hates America, or perhaps, more charitably, that he lacks the conceptual IQ to understand that American is, and always was, Republican.
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