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My season is complete!!

Some of you may have sen my thread titled "Girlfriend gets her first..." In that thread I stated that I was tickled that she could get out with me and harvest her first ever deer. I was very proud of her......but today!!...

Today was the beginning of the rest of my life. After 5 years of going with me as a spectator, my 9 year year old finally got his chance to be the hunter today. He did hunters safety in August, got a Remington 870 for his birthday, and has been marking the days on his calendar until this day...youth Day 2008.

When the forecast was for rain, wind, and warm temps, I told him it didn't look good, but we would give it a shot anyway. We drove the hour and fifteen minutes to my buddy's farmette in Centreville, MD. Rain was pouring on the way there, and you could see the disappointment on his face.

We set up in the old barn overlooking the newly harvested bean field so that we could stay dry, and comfortable. A gorgeous 8 point crossed the field about 250 yards away at first light and disappeared into the woods as quick as he appeared. Then two does came into the field, and were eating about 100-125 yards out. I told him to stay steady and be patient. That 8 might just come out and chase them around. When they buggered off, the disappointment was mounting, and the rain was picking up.

So I said, "lets go for a walk, and slip quietly through the woods". That 8 may have bedded close by, and we may just get a quick shot at him. For a 9 year old that hates sitting still this was a welcome idea. haha

He did a marvelous job of walking slow and looking around. Then through some very thick cover I spotted an out of place brown patch. I stopped him and stared for a minute straining my eyes to see what it was. Suddenly, a head dropped back down to eat. We quickly squatted and watched for a minute. The deer was walking a trail and would present a shot in another 50 yards. When she put her head behind a tree we scooted up about 20 feet to a fallen tree to give him a rest. one deer was suddenly two, and they walked right into range. In Maryland you can kill 10 does in certain counties, so I said, "when she walks into that opening let her have it. Just keep your gun in that opening and dont move". The deer were only 20 yards away, but in thick, thick cover.

She stepped out and he dropped her. When he did another deer popped out confused, and stopped and stared at us. He still had his gun up so I told him to shoot that one too.

Not bad at all for a first hunt! To kill your first deer is exciting, but to get two is just about more than a 9 year old can handle!! haha

Needless to say, my chest is sticking out a bit today!! :D

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That's awesome. Nothing like getting a kid into fishing and hunting. I remember my first deer with my father, it was 2 does like that at 10yrs of age. Thanks for letting me bring back the memory. Good luck to your son for the rest of the year.

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You both are to be congratulated!!

It's not every father that dedicates as much as you to his kids. It takes a special person to do as much as you do Rod, for Brett. More fathers should be like you.

With that said, you do know you are creating a MONSTER, although a good one!!!

There's no question this hunt will be a part of Brett's and your memories for eternity.

Brett.... start saving $$$ for a freezer. I know you'll be needing one soon.:D
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