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Been getting a few phone calls about the Rockfish Ruckus - due to predicted weather ( small craft warning ).

As you know - weather in Md is tough to predict so we'll take a wait and see approach.

We'll go with the normal rule of if a small craft posting at 6:00 am the morning of tournament - it will not be held.

This is for safety - cold water and high winds can be dangerous - SRRKC is all about having fun.

Please check either VHF radio marine weather or Weather Underground AN 532 - for Sandy Point to North Beach forecast in the morning.

Fingers crossed the forecast changes and we get good weather ( light winds ) until late afternoon.

Please tell other SRRKC members about this.

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Just to clarify the Small Craft Warning and discussing it with Skip and Tricky.

If the Small Craft is "in effect" at 6am the Rockfish Rockus will be canceled.

If it is predicted to be 10am, 11am or later in the day the Rockfish Rockus WILL be held with a possible earlier raft up!

At this time Small Craft is predicted to start at 10am.

If you feel uncomfortable going out on the water, please don't feel obligated. We will refund your entrée fee, but we must know early not count your entrée.

This is for fun and don't want anyone to get hurt and to be fishing when they don't want to!

Here is a link to NOAA's web page!

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