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Monday, May 8 12:00 AM ET

Mexico Building Fence to Keep Out Immigrants
By Jordan Baugher

Mexico City - Mexican legislators sent a bill to President Fox that would legalize small amounts of marijuana and other drugs, Mexico is facing a new challenge: illegal immigrants. Mainly coming from California, druggies from American cities and towns are seeping into the country by the hundreds of thousands.

"We need to ship these lazy dropouts back to the US," says Tijuana resident Miguel Lopez, "They come here and use all our resources and make it harder for the rest of us decent, hardworking Mexicans."

Mexican authorities are considering building a fence spanning the entire US-Mexico border to make it harder for migrants fleeing southward. Citing security concerns, President Vincente Fox is considering passing a new bill making it a felony to live in Mexico illegally.

Drug heads skipped work and school to stage a protest on Monday in most major Mexican cities, though few employers or teachers noticed. When asked how he felt about the impact on his landscaping business, employer Rodrigo Mencia said simply, "Que?"

Since the bill legalizing drugs passed, Mexico reported a 450 percent increase in income in tourism-related industries. Stoned Mexican analysts failed to see any connection.

The Rush Limbaugh Show was temporarily off the air due to technical difficulties.

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