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Hey guys,
Curious. What numbers (other than your buddies) do you use frequently for fishing?

I have one good one; CBOS bouy's report coutesy of John B. Number is 866-247-6787. After selecting 1 or 2 for upper or lower bay stations, select 3 for meterological data for real time wind.

Is there a non-emergency Coast Guard number?
DNR non emergency number?
National Weather Service Marine Forecast number?
Towboat US hotline?

Just curious. If there aren't numbers for these places, there should be. Of course you could always reach the Coast Guard on the VHF but just wondering.

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If I'm in mild trouble, I call Rattletrap.
If I'm in serious trouble I call Hillbilly Boater..
If I need a fishing report, Call Shawn or Jamie.
If I'm slaying them and want to "rub it in" I call Jim Hensley.
If I'm gonna be late, I call my wife.
If I need " fatherly advice", I call Captain George.

If all else fails, 411, 911 or Dial - A - Prayer

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These I found on the NOAA charts for the Severn River:

Mobile Phones – Call 911 for water rescue.
Coast Guard Search & Rescue – 800-418-7314/410-
Coast Guard Annapolis – 410-267-8108
Coast Guard Little Creek – 757-464-9371/9372
Maryland Natural Resources Police – 410-260-8888
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