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dennis asked me about this the other day. i posted it last yr. if you troll w/ p. pro you can put a reelable loop anywhere in the line by using the following;

1st take a piece of mono & make a sergeons knot loop. i used 50# to make it easier to see. the lighter the mono the easier it passes thru the eyelets on your rod. then ty a half-hitch loop in the p. pro.

now put the mono loop inside p. pro loop.

pull the tag ends of the p. pro & you have a in-line loop to hang a kwiklock & weight that can be removed as you bring in that fish fr your tomic, umbrella, whatever. when you want to remove it take pliers, grab the mono knot & pull it out of the p. pro. pull the tag ends of the p. pro & the knot will "pop out". this all works because p. pro is waxed.
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