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This came from the recipe board and I just made them !!!!!!!!! These guys are the best cakes I have ever had !!! THE BEST

Incredible Striper Cakes


These are incredible! Taste better than crab cakes! I modified this recipe from a local resturant's award winning crab cake recipe. My family has been enjoying it for over twenty years. Its great with any local catch. Measurements are approximate. I just estimate and ajust oil, crackers and seasoning to taste. Double or triple recipe as desired.

1# fresh or frozen fish (I use striper mainly but sea bass, tile, flounder and tog in any combination will taste great too)
1 egg
tablespoon of Old Bay or eqivalent
1 sleeve of Ritz crackers
4 tablespoons olive oil

Poach (Boil) the fish, drain and break up into lumps. Let cool.
In a separate bowl mix egg, oil and Old Bay.
Crush crackers by pushing two ends of sleeve towards each other, carful not to make a mess! Sleeve will open slightly to vent the air and the crackers turn to crumbs instantaneously if you do it right.
Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
Make cakes or small balls and then either broil or fry. If you pan or deep fry, dip in egg wash and then flour or panko crumb. If you broil, drizzle a little more olive oil or melted butter.


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I have a great Idea, substitute fish with CRABMEAT!!!!:thumbup:
Funny story about that Mike--
When I first started dating my wife, my mother-in-law said she didnt like rockfish. She said someone had given her some many years ago, and she just didnt like it. But she would eat haddock and other white fishes, I was sure someone had slipped her a hunk of bluefish or something and told her it was rockfish- she wouldnt know the difference...so..
I invited them over for dinner and I prepared crab cakes with rockfish substituted in for the crab meat. It was from a large fish, so it looked just like crumbled backfin. After dinner she was raving about the crab cakes when I spilled the beans about what she really ate. It was a mixed blessing really because now she knows why I'm so nuts for catching these fish however I'm also now her supplier!:))
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