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Indian River Inlet: Ocean Water Clarity

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Folks, I'm double posting this on the original board and the Delaware board.

I'm doing some work out of Indian River Inlet and for the past 3 months we have been unsuccessful at finding the weather and conditions window that we've been looking for. Making the 3 hour drive to turn around and come home is not my idea of a very exciting day. Last time I was down there was about 2 weeks ago and the waters was still a turbid.

The work I'm doing requires the use of an underwater camera and clear visible conditions. As temperatures fall in January and if conditions are right, the water typically goes from a very murky cloudy color to an almost gin clear green/blue. Water coming into IRI is typically very clear during that period and visibility into the rocks is also very good. 3-4 ft vis into the rocks is what I am looking for.

If anyone sees these conditions, I would be greatly appreciative if you could let me know.

Thanks in advance,

Dave Wong
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I was there on Friday during a major blow and on Saturday during a calmer but still stiff northwest wind of about 15mph.

On Friday it was very murky, visability only about a foot or less. On Saturday it was night and day difference during high tide and most of th outgoing. You could see easily three feet under the surface, maybe more.

It's the wind that wrecks havoc back in the back bays and churns the water, increasing turbidity. If you have calm winds, the water should be clear one or two tides after winds less than 15mph. HOpe this helps. There are also a few web cams in Indian River inlet that give live footage that might help. Or call a few bait and tackle stores for more info. There's Old Inlet Bait and tackle and Hookem and Cookem within a half mile of the inlet.

Good luck

BTW the fishing on Saturday was amazing. Gannets as far as the eye can see with large striped bass sucking up 12" bunker everywhere you looked about .5 to one mile outside the inlet.
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