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I had successful flounder fishing trips this Labor Day weekend fishing at the Old Grounds, about 13 miles out from Indian River Inlet.

On Labor Day, 9/7/15 ended up with 6 keeper flounders. Size ranged from 16" up to about 19". Caught nearly dozen and half 15" to 16" fish that were just short and were released. Caught many sea bass, but only 1 was big enough to keep. Zero winds most of the day and a slow drift. With the slow drift, the skates were biting very well. Finish fishing at 1PM and headed back to the dock.

On 9/8/15 trip, ended up with limit of 8 keeper flounders. 7 of the flounder were in the 16" to 19" range and had one 24" flounder. Just like the day before, caught another dozen or so short flounder. Caught many sea bass again, this time 3 were big enough to keep. The winds were light and drift was about normal. Had 6 keepers by 10AM and finish with 8 keepers at 1PM.

Both days, flounder skins from previous catches were used, along with minnows.
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