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What a three day fishing trip we just had. Started at my favorite hole outside Cockrell's Creek. Hit a couple of stripers. Ran to the nets, small croakers, and about 50 bottlenose dolphin all around. Warmup, cool. Trolled up to Smith Point light, nothing until the birds - then a non stop 3 hour blues blitz for 5 fisherman, (ok, 2 were kids, but they're fishermen) flappity flappity all around the boat, the'd go down and come up 40 yards away, I'd ease into the flappity flappity and we had fun and we were the ONLY boat! Matt was catching stripers in the mix! He became the 'Rock Doc' or the 'Striper Sniper'. 10 year old kid loves that. Got a few more stripers as a bonus on the way in.
Friday rained until 2, then we hit that striper hole again and got 20 or more. Got a 16" Puppy drum, and some kind of perch. Ran upriver due to impending rains, and got ony a bunch a small croaker. We saw so many crabs mating I was getting a woody! On the way back we hit my spots and slayed schoolies.
Saturday, I had a meeting so we left at 11am. STRIPER! Again at the tried and true spots. Went up to Smith Point again..small sea bass and croakers. ran to the Northen Neck reef - 2 other boats there - no action. Hit a bunch of nets on the way home and small croaks. Hit the striper spots again and a perch and 15 or so rock. Got home and wanted to turn the motor on to flush it, no response at all. I DON"T CARE! We caught hundreds of fish and had a blast. Wanted some Macs, but I'll trade this for 10 Macs anyday.
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