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The old Bmail messages are now titled Private Messages on this new board layout.

Getting to the screen to send a Private Message:

Click on User CP above on this page.

You will see:

User CP

Control Panel

Settings & Options

Edit Signature

Edit Email & Password

Edit Options

Edit Avatar

Edit Profile Picture

Private Messages

List Messages

Send New Messages

Track Messages

Edit Folders.......and so on, and so on down the column.


To send a Private Message:

EXAMPLE: (no need to use my name.. Use someone who you want to send a Private Message to)

To send a Private Message to me or any board member...

Click on Send New Message

The next page opens up titled Send New Private Message

Place your cursor in the Recipient Username(s) box

Type in Tom H and stop

You will now see all board members whose name start with Tom H appear on the screen in front of you.

Click on Tom Hughes and type your message in the Message: box below.

Click on Submit Message located below the Message box and you're finished.
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or just click on your name up there by your avatar- listed - short cut
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