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Pausing only to train gun barrels around corners or scan rooftops for insurgents, they bound across desolate roads lined with broken glass and charred cars -- and start running again.

Standing still is rarely an option in this insurgent-plagued metropolis beset by roadside bombs, rocket fire and, Marines here say, the worst sniper threat on the planet.

"Every time we go out, we run," said 2nd Lt. Brian Wilson, a 24-year-old platoon commander from Columbia, South Carolina. "If you stand still, you WILL get shot at." FROM CNN Today

Now Rumsfeld's assessment Baltimore Sun Today
There is its peerless gift for self-delusion, as when the vice president said our troops in Iraq would be greeted as liberators and the insurgency - in May 2005 - was in its "last throes."

There is its brazen dishonesty, which is on exhibit every time the president and his budget directors claim to be practicing fiscal restraint, even as spending grows faster than Las Vegas.

That was a triumph of arrogance, which my dictionary defines as "an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions." And if you want a human embodiment of that trait, you can hardly do better than Mr. Rumsfeld, who was happy to take credit for the initial success of the invasion but pretends that anything that may have gone wrong is way beyond his control.

Not that he admits much has gone wrong in Iraq: "Progress has been good," he advised Rush Limbaugh the other day. This is the same guy who, as Iraq descended into chaos and violence shortly after the fall of Saddam Hussein, said airily, "Freedom's untidy." Is he deluded or deluding?

The problem is not that Mr. Rumsfeld failed to anticipate everything that occurred in Iraq. It's that he was told what to expect and refused to listen, or prepare for what might happen if he was mistaken.
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