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Couldn't get much done sat. helping Mom get summer place cleaned up with the rain, so headed to IRI. Started on the north side with the incoming tide, heavy SE winds made it difficult casting, so moved to the south side. Started with bucktail and white curly tail, with two small taylor blues. After about a half hour or so, started trying everything in the bag, and only one more blue. Didn't try, but did see a few small Tog caught in the rocks, looked like they were using sand fleas. Everyone I talked to about stripers, said night time, incoming tide, was the best bet. Started raining pretty heavy later in the day, so headed to grotto's to take some pizza back. (Gotta love that Pizza!) Wasn't bad considering the conditions, There was a surf tournament going on (Didn't hear of any reports), but back in Va. Beach and will have to hit it down here.
One last note: "The guys out on the point of those rocks, NUTS!)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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