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I have an Apelco 260 FF. I cant seem to get it working right to were it finds fish and acts reliable. Being that ive never realy messed with a FF is a problem too.

Heres what seems to happen. If i adjust the sen. over 0 or 1 the depth goes all over the place sitting still. So, being that i cant adjust the sen. up hardly at all, i dont see any fish?

My depth doesnt read correct at full speed 30mph or so, but ive heard thats normal? Correct?

I have no idea of any base line settings for this thing. Heres some adjustments that i can remember.
Sensitivity 1-10
Zoom 4x 6x 10x (i think those numbers are right?)
chart speed
and i few others i cant remember

The transducer looks pretty level with the bottom of the boat. (rear mount).

Is this thing just a cheapo or am i doing something wrong??

Any input is greatly appreciated


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Depending on where your using your equipment and what depths your covering anything is better than sticking your head under water to see what’s happening....just kidding.

I'm not familiar wit the Apelco, but my father has had a few lowrances and garmins and I've had them plus an Apleco paper chart. I always had to go back and set my father's set for his trips and once he tinkered with the setting it all went to ****.

One of the probs we have always had with loosing the bottom is that the gain seemed to jump to automatic and range sometimes tripping to auto too. I've only had auto gain work on a gas engine when trolling on a larger powerful units. And anything seems to work well on his current boat that has Detroit’s in it. The detroits are ingnitionless so the interference is gone. One gas engines suppressors seemed to have always helped but cannot eliminate the interference. IR reduction on the unit helps but it always seems to show a poor picture.

Where I run around in the magothy and creeks the muddy bottom have always seemed to have a large signal loss in the mud. So if you have bad direction on the puck you’re loosing that much more in the mud.

One thing to check is to make sure that the puck you should make sure that it's close to level across the beam too and that it isn’t set too high. You don't want any air getting under the puck.

When you run you've got a few items against you...1.) The electrical interference off of the engine, 2.) Turbulence degrading your signal, making the digital sonar goes wacko, 3.) and the loss of the signal due to the setting of the puck angle.

One thing I've always had to do especially running is use the chart for depth because a depth 589' in 15' just isn't so.

You should also check the transducer frequency...I can't remember which does what but being on a 50 vs a 200 or vice versa helps tremendously too.

Check out what lines are running near your transducer cable. Power lines, SSB's, and VHF can cause some strange effects too.

A problem I use to have on a small boat a few years back was that air use to get under the speed-peller / sensor and generate outrageous readings too.

I looked at the apelco, now raymarine site and it looks hard to find good info. There are a number of videos around it looked like. Goggle it and see what you come up with.

If you get stuck bmail me I know of a few good marine electronics shop in my area tat maybe your can talk to and get reccs. In your area.

My chart apelco is in a storage box now somewhere in my garage now. But when I was using it, it was fine.

If I have any light bulbs go off I'll bmail you.

Tinker with it you'll get it to come around.

Good Luck

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