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islamorada boat rental

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hi all,
Heading down to the keys for a week in march. Does anyone have any good contacts for a boat rental for the week. Something I could take to reefs and maybe humps for about 800 a week. Any thoughts appreciated.
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I did the Captain Pips thing two years ago. Rented it by the week, saved some cash. I forgot the price structure, but I was the first renter to take the boat out. Needless to say, it was spotless. SOme of there other boats were " nicked and dented".. By now they are probably out of the fleet and have been replaced with Cape Horns.In General, I was happy.. I brought my own gear to clean the boat up with, and they were mildly impressed. I wasn't the typical Yahoo going out for the day.

Having said that.. March has a lot of wind, and from the EAST, and its kicking sometimes.. You're kinda limited to where you can go with an east blow.

Three years ago, and many years before that, you can drive to No Name Bridge, on NO Name Key. Rent boats daily.They suffice. Good thing is your pretty much protected from any blow. Its peaceful and calm for the most part.. A "TAD" shallow in a few parts, but you'll get the hang of it. If you go that route, look on the maps provided, and look for some decent drop offs, that hold some decent Cobia, Macks and Cudas.. The Sting Rays put on a hellava show, also.
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