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Islamorada Fishing Captains

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Going down to the Keys in middle to late March 2009 with a childhood friend of mine, who lives in Daytona. His father, who is no longer with us, used to take us fishing here in MD.

I've decided to lodge at the Holiday Isle Beach Resort & Marina because of the amenities. It'll be be just the 2 of us so I'm looking at the following charters for a few days of fishin' and having a good time. Charter Cpts. are a lot like Doctors IMHO, some know how to fish their A off but have bad "bedside manners."

Since it's just me and my friend we're going to have book "make up charters" as it's called in my kneck of the woods, or splurge and just charter the boat for the 2 of us.

Below are my choices of charters. Any info/advice on Cpts. would be greatly appreciated ;-)

- Dee Cee
- Gold Reserve
- Gotcha
- Tag 'Em
- Pirate's Choice
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Thanks Capt Frank,
Thanks Al B,

I'm definitely going to make some phone calls. I was recently informed that my friend is going to Iraq in April, who knows when we will be able to fish together again. The S is on now...:rockon::rockingreport::bigfish:
Thanks to everyone for this valuable information. Unfortunately, my friend is now unable to take off work so I won't be making the trip this year :cool: I don't care to fish alone. I was hoping to post a :rockingreport: to this thread next month but I guess it wasn't meant to be this year.

Thanks Again and...
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