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Islamorada Weather/Fishing

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Hello to all,

Just a quick couple questions. 1. How is the weather in Islamorada the first couple weeks of March on average? 2. What are the best target species during that time as well?

The reason I ask is I am trailering down there from VA to try to get into some sailfish and a blackfin or two for a week. I like the idea of billfishing without the typical 40-50 mile run offshore. Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Adam H.
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I was there for a long weekend early March last year. The weather was great - sunny skies, warm, and calm seas both days we went out. We were in a small boat both days and didn't venture too far out, but we chased breaking spanish mackeral for awhile and had a blast catching them on light tackle. Small white and chart. jigs worked great. There were acres and acres of them schooled up on the ocean side and not too far out from Bud & Mary's Marina. Just like when you're looking for breaking fish on the Chesapeake, look for birds working the surface. We also went a little further out, to the reef line, and caught small kingfish. We were drifting and dropping heavy white jigs tipped with live shrimp and were pulling kingfish up almost every time we dropped our lines. The Islander Resort is a good place to stay in Islamorada. I've stayed there 4 times now and I highly recommend it. Good luck! Wish I was going. I love the Keys!
its usually pretty nice, fished early march last year, found a nice school of dolphin about 15 miles off at the hump under a lawn chair on a weed line, could have bailed dolphin but we were lookin for bills, but ended up catchin like 15 4-10lb dolphin, caught a nice sail, its a very short run to the islamorada and 409 humps like 20 miles, blackfin are always on them humps, u might pick up some wahoo and dolphin, sails are always out there, maybe a blue or a white, but in terms of blues and whites not as common as off va beach or hatteras, sailfish are still on the reef edge, i have used the same techniques we use of va beach hatteras oi etc off there, but they are really into the live bait down there for pelagics, but it is different, so id say if u have the determination and time to figure out the live bait scene find out about from locals, magazines, the iternet or watever u can, but if u dont just try out ur normal spread or rigged ballyhoos and lures, minus yellowfin and blues b/c it is unlikely youll meet up with them, its mainly 30lb tackle and lighter, but i broke out a 50wide every once in awhile with a marlin bait, the main way they ctach sailfish down there is by anchoring on the reef, throwing out chum bag, wait till hoos get in cast net distance, throw the net, try to get like 2 dozen at least but if u dont its okay, then head off to the edge of the reef and work 80-220 ft depths for sails, use a 15 ft 60lb shock leader with a live bait hook throught the lower jaw of the live ballyhoo right where the soft spot on the lower jaw ends before bill and rap short piece of wire around bill and hook so that shank is flush with bill so that hook is exposed, fish two flat lines and two rigger baits, bump in and out of gear lookin for sails, fish live baits like u would dinks, but down there many use 20lb spinning tackle. Id just say talk to some locals and find out wats goin on with the fishing and the techniques, its a lot different than off trhe midatlantic
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Thank's for the information guys. I am excited about getting down there. Enough of this cold weather right?!?! My big concern was getting there, seeing fish, and not being able to catch them with what I had on board. From what I have researched, live hoos are the ticket and am glad to hear that from another source. I guess it is now all up to the weather man.


Adam H.
As the other posts state, you are in 1 of the best months; on the gulf side at artifical reefs and wrecks all with in 4 to 8 miles; ocean side within 4 miles (the reef).; at 6 miles(edge of the reef), and 8 to 20 miles out (sea weed, birds and humps). For half the distance you spend in VA, you really have 4 times the amount of fishing. The only thing you will not find down there are the nice yellowfins you are blessed with in VA.
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