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Capt. Reese was the speaker at our club meeting this past Tuesday:

Capt Reese Bowles was the guest speaker at the Peninsula Salt Water Sport Fishing Asso regular monthly meeting last night.

Usually we have a speaker that drones on for 45 minutes or so, but last night President Nelson Ortiz , presiding over some 110 members in attendance...began the meeting right on time (unusual) and Capt Bowles spoke enthusiastically for about 12 minutes keeping everyone on the edge of their seats with his aggessive, educational and exciting presentation about how to make "fish art"....All about the room were tables set up (by Reese) and there were samples of fish, paint, paint brushes...no one knew what to expect. He abruply ended his entertaining, short, talk and invited everyone to now make their own fish art on the specimans, cloth, newspaper , paintbrushes and all the stuff that he had provided...

Excitedly the participants began to gather round the tables and Reese had the Club membership spellbound as we all in, mere minutes, had samples to take home .

I have included some of the photos of folks at this PSWSFA Club meeting , which was enjoyed by everyone. This meeting may have been the most fun we have had at a regular PSWSFA Club meeting in years.

The meeting was shorter than most which was a nice treat. .

This is sent to all of you in case are looking for a great, educational and entertaining program for your Club or any interested group, I urge you to ask Capt Reese to do the same for your Club that he did for PSWSFA. .

I expect that PSWSFA re-imbursed Reese for many of the items he provided....your club should do the same. Reese went to a lot of trouble and ingenutiy to really put on a rewarding show for our Club Members .

Bob Allen, PSWSFA & VCAC

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