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Capt. Dave Sipler's Sport Fishing - Jacksonville, St. Johns River/Inlet & near-coastal waters. Updated: 4/06/06

APRIL......is it summer yet?

Why do I say that? Well unfortunately, as some say; "Jacksonville, where Florida begins and Georgia ends" and they are right. I've froze my butt off a couple of days so far in April. Wondering when is summer gonna get here? We'll have 83 degree weather for 3-4 days and then get a reminder that, "Toto, your not in S. Florida anymore" . Not that I (Toto) ever was in S. Florida, but some times I sure wish I was.

My best bud', Pelican, (aka: Kenny Hubbs) knows an ole St. Johns river fisherman named Frank. Frank used to be of those guys who Redbass fished (Redfish for you non N.E. Florida fisherman) for the big whoppers and sold them, back in the day. Old true temper green solid fiberglass rods, 3/0 & 4/0 Penn Senators, 16 oz of lead, and a peeler Blue Crab, on a 8/0 straight hook. Frank still fishes that same way. But last year, Pelican ran into Frank one day and discussed small talk about fishing and the weather. Pelican mentioned that he and I were out fishing two week before Mother day and were wearing gloves it was so dang cold!

Frank, a Farmers Almanac kinda guy full of information, said "ya know, it isn't gonna warm up too summer conditions till the 5th full moon of the year." Pelican thought, what's this guy talking about? How can anyone make such an assumption?

Well to make a long story longer.......

Pelican and I were out fishing on Mothers day, he took his wife and daughter on his boat, and on my boat I had my mom and father. It was warm and beautiful and the fish were chewing' the keel of the boat. That was on Sunday May 8th, the day of the "new moon".

And from that day on, I cannot remember or even find a day in my log book there after, that ever mentions it being cold, till November.

So, Frank was a bit off, but so very close. Because the full moon wasn't till the 23rd of May in 2005. But does it really matter?

It does when you're out on the water 5-6 day out of a week. Especially when you have folks on your boat trying to escape any reminder of home and chilly temps, which could be Canada, Minnesota, or Great Britain, for that fact.

I thrive in the heat, I love the heat. And so do my fishy friends.

Here in N.E. Florida, Easter is usually the transitional time of year. For fishing, not always the temperature.

So here's the fishy facts.

So far this spring, I have had more customers hooked up to 5 pound "gator" Speckled Trout, than any other I can remember.

The first Pompano of '06 was caught on March 30th, on a float rig and live shrimp. (April & May is also a Pompano Month )

I've had women catch more quality fish than the men. (this isn't abnormal, but these days I try and get all the women I can on board.)

If you are not an experienced angler, but you are afraid you won't catch that many fish if you go on a charter. You need to call me. I like having beginners, they have no bad habits.

I specialize in "everyone catches fish", just not the best fisherman on the charter.

I'm booking days for May and June now. And you can expect some seriously quality fish during these times. Last year I had Manfred Mullens aboard and his step son from Germany. Manfred was from Germany too, but now lives in Georgia, and speak perfect English. But his step-son Patrick was just visiting, and didn't know any English! But it didn't matter, this guys wore them out! They caught 30 Speckled Trout to 7 pounds, and a Redfish, in 6 hours. Five of those Trout were 5 pounds and 7 were over 3 pounds. The Big St. Johns River isn't thought of a Speckled Trout fisherman's destination any longer, (it was at one time) but that's also another hidden secret.

With a healthy limit of 5 per person 15-20" per day, with one of the 5 able to be over 20" as a trophy fish. The theme for many of my regulars is, "go fishing with Cappy Dave by day, and stoke up the grill and the fryer, in the evening".

Redfish, Pompano, Flounder, Trout, Sheepshead,. Spanish Mackerel, and Tarpon are just some of what you can expect this spring/summer. And remember to make reservations early, because prime "tidal" days go fast. My world revolves around tides. You can always email me to request prime dates of availability. I'm always happy to hear from past and new customers alike.

JACKSONVILLE, WHERE FLORIDA BEGINS, and where Capt Dave puts you on the fish!

Till next tide,

Capt. Dave Sipler's Sport Fishing

904-642-9546- (8am-8pm EST)
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