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I am heading south in a couple weeks to the Keys. On the way, we are going to stop for the night and camping at Little Talbot Island State Park.

Here are my questions:
1. Is it worth fishing at Little Talbot Island? What's there?
2. Is there fishing access near the campsites? It seems to be pretty undesturbed environment there, and I unfortunately will not be there long enough to explore the whole island for spots, so I am just hoping to get the most bang for my buck in a few short hours of daylight before we pack up and leave in the morning.
3. What's the beach front like there. Shallow? Deep? High surf at all? If shallow do I have to wade out far?
4. Can bait be caught there? It'd be nice to take some fresh fish down to Bahia Honda with me for shark fishing.
5. I would love to catch some redfish and specks. Is it worth my time there and are my chances any good?

Also, any advice on when and where to fish on the Keys would be appreciated. We are camping at Bahia Honda State Park.

Thanks in advance.

Matt in Maryland
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