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Bass Assassins (BAs) and BassKandyDelights (BKDs) on jigheads 3/8-2 oz get alot of rock and are somewhat popular around here. :cool2: They're all I use, unless its topwater-time.
Phil pretty much summed it up but there are so many others to add here are a few

Trout Bombs with a dropper fly
Deadly Dicks
Pope Jig heads
Shad Jig heads

I will let everyone else chime in there are just so many

Personally I like trout bombs and a dropper
and a 3/8-2/0 oz Shad or Pope jig with a Limetruce Bass Assassin 5" / 7"
and of course they must have Gamagatsu hooks


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here, here on the "no trayt to bomb" reply. gawd, i wish they'd come back before i cut outta here. that , to me , was the ultimate bay feeshing, including all the trophy rockfeesh. what a blast that was, running and gunning to schools of cheekens, with rock on the surface, and the trayt right stright down on the bottom. my, my my....!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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