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I am on their mailing list:

"Okay all you hard core fishing people we are going to do our 1st deepdrop trip of the year. On 1/27 tuesday at 0400 the boat will leave Long Bay Pointe Bait and Tackle for an 18 hour trip for seabass, tilefish, grouper, (and whatever else you catch out there). The cost of the trip is $220 per person. It includes bait, tackle, licenses. If you want specialized stuff, bring your own, but you are welcome to use Jim's. Needless to say if you drop a rod overboard the cost is $100. Jim will try to get as many trips as the Coast Guard and the weather will allow him to take in the 10 days he is home. Sign up is on a first come first served basis. Please do not call (252-336-4296) before 8 AM. These trips are limited to a dozen people. Thanks"
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