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Joe 'the Stumbler' Biden's Big Gift to McCain

By Andrea Tantaros
Republican Political Commentator/Foxnews.com Contributor

Oops, he did it again. Joe Biden's latest comments display yet another hiccup. This time Biden admits his running mate is untested, acknowledges that the world knows it and that many try to exploit his inexperience: "We're going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy," Biden said this week.
As if that weren't enough, Biden went on to say that it would not be readily apparent that Obama's response to an international crisis would be the correct one and urged supporters to stand by him even in doubt.
Thanks for that vote of confidence, Joe. You sure know how to give new meaning to the title "number two" with your talking points. (Note: before he was tapped as Obama's sidekick, Biden argued Obama wasn't experienced enough to be president).
Truth be told, this is quite possibly the most honest thing Biden has said to date (besides his notion that Hillary would make a better vice president than he would). Obama is arguably the most inexperienced candidate seeking the White House in the last century. But most importantly, his policy positions are flat out fallible. From fiscal issues to foreign affairs, he's eerily vapid and devoid of the mettle it takes to do the job. I'm glad to see Senator Biden agrees, just wish he would have conceded this point sooner.

There is no question that Biden's words are a gift. But they also highlight a reality of the McCain camp and why they're struggling. Without the messages of Joe the Plumber and Joe the Stumbler, the Maverick and his team have no cogent message or original thought of their own.
Until Joe the Plumber the McCain campaign hasn't been able to articulate the dangers and reality of Obama's punitive, socialist wealth transfer programs. Until Biden's bungle they haven't been able to effectively make hay over Obama's thin resume. And until last week, their camp had failed to effectively and aggressively distance McCain from George Bush (a colossal mistake, but largely one made mainly thanks to the swarms of former Bush staffers on McCain's current campaign payroll).
McCain still might not have a succinct campaign theme but one thing is clear: it's more succinct than Biden's, but certainly not as telling. If Republicans expect to make any gains in the next fourteen days we must hammer home, by adding a human face to the issues, why Obama will further damage our economic and our national security. Now is no time to experiment with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The stakes are too high to trust our future with an unsure, unseasoned, ultra-liberal newcomer. Just ask Joe Biden.
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