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So it's like this: I think this boat is going to challenge my work ethic! All I could think about today was going out. Made a few phone calls and found two friends who were up for it.

Tossed bucktails at the pilings for about an hour and only pulled one small striper out, 18 inches, but she was fun and my crew realized I wasn't crazy and they could be caught there and started casting again with renewed vigor!

About 7:00 I decided it was time for everyone to get some pullage and we broke out the squid and bottom rigs and caught enough croaker for me to keep my crab pots baited for the rest of the week.

Pulled into the dock right at 8:00 in time to watch a beautiful sunset

Oh yeah, I found out one of my crew is actually Jet Ski Brian's nephew, Chris! Appearantly Chris does a lot of spear fishing with him. too. Good crew, good times!

Brad Anderson aboard the Miss T - 5/9/2011
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