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I was asked to do the impossible this evening and have my crew catch a snakehead on the fly. We met in the parking lot for ribs and chicken, but they where not hungry. Dinner on Monday at Starrett Casa will be ribs and chicken..
So it was off to attempt the impossible..well that lasted about 15 minutes before spinning rods where handed out. Since they have never done a snakehead trip before, they absorbed every bit of info I fed them. They where really amazed at the style, lures and equipment. We did some light tackle and caught a few fish. Switching to poppers and the bite never ended. Many bass and a snakehead slammed our poppers. Later at golden hour they went back to targeting snakeheads and got a bass. They missed 6 hits on the frog and learned a new sport.
Here are some of the fish landed. I have no pictures of the ones lost...go figure.

Finally a fish on the frog.

Another great evening...

Capt Mike
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